My Tokyo Trip (Part 3)

October 21, 2016 – Day 3 (Shibuya)

After the seminar that day, I decided to go to Shibuya. And so I did:


There were a LOT of people in Shibuya, and a good number of them were tourists, like me. I walked around Shibuya and saw department stores and boutiques. I don’t know if this is the fashion capital of Tokyo, but it sure seemed like it did. There were a lot of shops that sold clothes, shoes, and accessories, both for men and women. There are also a lot of night clubs.

Of course, it is absolutely IMPERATIVEĀ that you take a photo of Hachiko (I also took a selfie, but I won’t share it here. LOL):


Here are some more photos that I took:


By this time, I was really getting lonely. I missed my wife. I was thinking how great it would have been if we saw these sights together.

See the Starbucks in this photo?


I was able to get free wi-fi coverage just outside the first floor of this building, below that Starbucks. I called my wife using Facebook Messenger to check on her and tell her all about what I saw in Shibuya. I didn’t feel so lonely anymore after that. After calling my wife, I was able to catch a performance of a local band called “SLOWBIRD“.

It was getting late, and I was already hungry. I was looking for food until I passed by this area where you’d find a chain of “love hotels”. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take a picture. I think I was too tired then. Hell, I even forgot to take a picture of the dinner I had!

After dinner, I walked around some more just to see how the people behaved and to immerse myself in the experience of walking around Shibuya. I took the last train back to Todoroki.

On the way to my dormitory, I saw a McDonald’s. I wondered to myself, “How does their McDonald’s taste like?”


…so I got a Quarter Pounder meal:


Both the burger and fries were greasier than their Philippine equivalents. I loved that soda: Fanta Grape. The last time I had Fanta Grape was back in elementary school. Drinking that soda made me reminisce about my elementary school days.

That day, October 21, was a Friday. It meant that we didn’t have a seminar on the following day, which was a Saturday. That meant I had the whole of the next day to explore Tokyo!

So when I got to my room that night, I carefully planned my first weekend in Japan. I almost didn’t fall sleep because of my excitement.

To be continued.



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