October 23, 2016 – Day 5 (Odaiba, Takeshita Street, Meiji Shrine, Shibuya)

That Sunday morning, I went to Odaiba and got there around 10:00 a.m.:

Odaiba is a popular shopping and entertainment district on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay.

First stop, I went to Palette Town. I first checked out their History Garage, as I am also interested in cars:


The cars on the first floor:

Some of the cars on the second floor:

I’m a big Back to the Future fan, so seeing a DeLorean in the flesh (or stainless steel, rather) was a particularly special moment for me:

Next, I checked out Megaweb, the exhibition hall of Toyota. Fan of the Toyota Corolla? Say no more:

I then went to the second floor of the exhibition hall, and saw this racing simulator. I tried it out, of course:


Also saw some racing cars and new Toyota ’86s…:

…and a couple of concept cars:


Next, I checked out Venus Fort, a Venice-themed shopping mall:

Before I went to Japan, my wife told me to look for randoseru, a kind of backpack commonly used by Japanese elementary schoolchildren. I didn’t know they were expensive!


I recommend that you ride the Daikanransha, a 115-meter tall Ferris wheel at Palette Town:


I took these photos while inside the Daikanransha:

After I’ve seen the sights at Palette Town, I went to Diver City. When you go here, don’t forget to take a picture of this Gundam robot:


It so happened that there was an auto show that day at Diver City. Admission was free, lucky me! I even got to see a real-life “Tokyo Drift”! Here are some of the photos I took:

I left Odaiba at around 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon and went to Harajuku:


Don’t forget to check out Takeshita Street when you’re here! A lot of young Japanese boys and girls go here to shop for clothes:

Takeshita Street is also very famous for its crepes:


I got hungry and I chose to snack on some chicken fingers:

I decided to go to the Meiji shrine, but I got a lost for a bit. The thing with getting lost is that, sometimes, you find unexpected things or places. I found this small shrine while finding the Meiji shrine. I was also lucky to see a wedding reception taking place:

Finally, I found it (Meiji shrine)!


Meiji Shrine is the shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken. Here are some of the things you’d see inside:

After seeing the shrine, I decided to have dinner in Shibuya so I could explore it some more. Walking to the train station, I saw a quiet stretch of the area surrounding the shrine and I took this panoramic photo:


When I arrived at Shibuya, I was already very hungry. It dawned upon me that I still haven’t had tempura in Tokyo! So I found this restaurant that sold tempura:

Inside the restaurant:


I ordered and ate this tempura + noodle set:


After dinner, I walked around Shibuya until around 9:00 p.m. I then went back to my dormitory in Todoroki and slept early because I had a seminar session on the following day, which was a Monday.

To be continued.


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