Singapore Day 1 (March 19, 2017)

Like I said in my previous blog entry, I was selected to participate in a health insurance seminar in Singapore on March 20 & 21, 2017. I and my officemate flew to Singapore on March 19, 2017 and we arrived at Changi International Airport shortly after lunch.

Changi International Airport was really impressive. In fact, I liked it better than Japan’s Haneda Airport.

My officemate and I rode a cab to our hotel, Grand Park Orchard at Orchard Road.


On the way to the hotel, I saw the Singapore Flyer. “This trip is going to be exciting,” I thought.


After checking in at the front desk of the Grand Park Orchard, I was given the keycards to my room. Our Human Resources Department booked me a Deluxe Room.

Here are some of the pictures that I took of my room:

The room was very clean and spacious. I loved it! I highly recommend it for those who want to book a classy hotel room but don’t want to spend as much.

The weather was really hot that day, so I spent a few hours in the room before going out at around 5:00 p.m. When I went out, I checked out the nearby shopping centers. Lucky Plaza is one of the shopping centers that struck me as interesting because there were a lot of Filipinos. I overheard them talking in Tagalog and a couple of Philippine regional dialects.

I was already very hungry when I got to Far East Plaza, I stopped for this stir-fry noodles combo meal, which—correct me if I’m wrong—is called hokkien mee:

The stir-fry noodles came with lime juice and a side of soup/broth. The stir-fry noodles were delicious and had that smoky wok aroma. The soup/broth was savory and a bit salty. The iced lime juice really complemented the dish with its perfect mix of sweet and sour and was really refreshing.

After eating that bowl of stir-fry noodles, I bought two (2) big bottles of mineral water from the nearby 7-Eleven and went back to the hotel. I stayed at the hotel until dinner.

For dinner, I went to Chinatown!

Before actually going to the Chinatown Food Street, I took this picture of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple:


Here are some of the photos I took while at the Chinatown Food Street:

For dinner, I had Hainanese chicken rice


…and an oyster omelette:


To actually eat a plate of Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore is truly an amazing experience. The chicken was really tender and tasty, and beautifully complemented with the hot sauce and ginger sauce it came with. The rice, which was cooked in the chicken stock, was equally tasty and had a wonderful aroma.

The oyster omelette was likewise amazing. I loved the mix of the oyster flavor, the texture of the oysters themselves, the savoriness of the egg, and the smell and taste of the celery. The spiciness of the chili sauce the omelette came with was just right and improves the dish altogether.

Just a short walk from Chinatown is Maxwell Food Centre:


It was already late at night when I arrived, so the food choices were very limited. The food was nonetheless amazing!

I had a plate of char kwey teow to end my first day in Singapore:


The mixture of the noodles, seafood, and other ingredients was just glorious! It had a wonderful stir-fried flavor with a hint of nuts and a mix of seafood-y and meaty flavor as well. I loved it.

After finishing this plate, I walked around the area for a good forty five (45) minutes or so and then I went back to the Grand Park Orchard. I went to bed with a smile on my face, thinking about the food I planned on eating the following day.


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